Hey, Brian here.

Welcome to my web site, for the first time as far as I can tell! Unless I wrote defective code, this should be the only time you ever see this message. I don't require payment for my music, and I don't host advertising. The only way I make any money via songwriting is through voluntary patronage, so please consider buying a song or two via the "shopping cart" buttons and name your price. Or even better, visit my Patreon page and browse the various levels of rewards I offer for signing up as a patron. I'll stop bothering you now and let you enjoy my site as intended: at full browser window height.

Yeah, so I'm building a recording studio in my basement. It's fully operational and currently being used to record music and podcasts, so here we see the progress with that.

How meta is this? Here's the code for this web site. Feel free to clone the original repo, or just browse inline by clicking the link below.

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